Aramco tightens guidance by 15-20 bps for five-tranche bonds

Saudi Aramco 2222.SE has tightened the price guidance for its five-part U.S. dollar-denominated bond sale and received over $30 billion in orders for the debt sale, a document from one of the banks on the deal showed on Tuesday.

Aramco tightened the guidance by 15-20 basis points (bps) to around 125 bps over U.S. Treasuries (UST) for a three-year tranche, around 140 bps over UST for five-year bonds, around 160 bps over UST for 10-year notes, around 185 bps over UST for a 30-year tranche and around 210 bps over UST for 50-year bonds.

The deal is expected to close on Tuesday.